About Us

Visante Communications is a boutique agency founded by Aileen Fan, a communications professional with over 20 years of business experience and a member of PRSA. Aileen has worked in the United States, Canada and China with a successful career in public relations and marketing communications.

Aileen’s extensive background in Fortune 100, Fortune 500, mid-size public traded companies and start-up  companies gave her valuable insights into the challenges each of these businesses faced.

Our firm only takes on a new client when we can guarantee the top attention and quality service they deserve. A solid foundation for all marketing and communications efforts relies on knowing your target audience. Who are your constituents? Who makes or breaks your business? What are their key identifying factors? We work intelligently to understand your audience, industry, goals, and unique business challenges.  We craft compelling messages, and launch results-oriented campaigns to help you achieve your business goals.

We help you cut through the daunting task of attracting today’s electronic and social media editors and influencers. We are keen to work with you to bring other complimentary tools for content creation and sharing, such as business blogging, utilizing appropriate social networks and targeted sponsored posts to tell your story and your inspiration.

William Zhou, VP of Strategy

William Zhou is an accomplished and highly motivated clinical, sales and marketing professional with over 20 years of progressive experience in healthcare, medical device, and high tech industry . He is an expert in leading strategic planning, product development, coordination and execution of worldwide commercialization of medical devices.

William focuses on product launch strategy and product development strategy for healthcare and medical devices clients.

A successful product launch strategy is based on extensive research to defined buyer persona, thoroughly collected buyer’s needs, interests, and objections in the purchasing process. Beside traditional 4P (product, price, place, and promotion) design, Visante communications strategizes communication processes to release buyer’s fear, frustration, objections and satisfy buyer’s needs and interest. The product launch strategy utilizes multi-practical communication tactics.

A successful product development strategy always keeps customers’ time efficiency, attention, energy and asset on the check list. The process can be divided into different segments and milestones. Visante communications provide strategy development from concept approval bench testing, product prototype clients’ feedback, preclinical and clinical study design, 510(k) application, marketing plan that covers product, price, place and promotion, and new product launch strategy.